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Griffin’s Beacon Universal Remote Control turns any Android device into a remote

Ever since the faithful old infrared port started disheartening from Palm Pilots, I've been wondering how one might replicate the functionality of the universal...

Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ is the animated violence you crave for free

Back in the nineties there was a big scare about cartoon violence. Lots of angry mothers with nothing much to decided to make sure...

Wind-Up Knight is classic platforming fun in a 3D package

If you've got an Android phone that's at least as powerful as the Nexus One/HTC Desire, and if you're reading this, odds are excellent...

Qualcomm’s Skifta app streams video and manages your DLNA devices

Qualcomm-Atheros is making a cloud push in a big way with their new Skifta service and app. Skifta is a system for DLNA-certified devices...

Vizio 8 owners get three free months of Hulu Plus via software update

Vizio's 8-inch tablet is a bit of a tough sell in a sea of similar competitors, despite its relatively low retail price of $299....

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