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All out of gum: Duke Nukem 3D gets an official Android port

Getting DOOM and/or Duke Nukem running on a hacked device is almost a rite of passage. While various unofficial and emulated versions of the...

Gameloft: Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front FREE “Coming Soon”

The extremely popular game developers everyone should know plenty about, Gameloft, today has just announced that their number one first person shooter for Android...

Framerate Cap removed from EVO 4G in latest update

The EVO 4G update that was released earlier this week has now been confirmed to have fixed the pesky artificial framerate cap. The old...

720p Video Sample, Samsung Galaxy S

Not to be outdone by other smart phones that will be introduced into the market, the Galaxy S is capable of 720p video recording...

Fully working Quake 2 and 3 ported to Droid

AndroidandMe, conducted Android bounty competition which they set some parameters for developers to go away and make some applications for Android. In return they...

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