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Google said to charge OEMs various amounts for licensing ‘Google Mobile Services’ [Updated]

A new report by The Guardian has some potentially disruptive statements about Android. In the article, anonymous sources claim that Google charges various amounts...

Europe looks to ban mobile roaming charges with new legislation

Some recently leaked details on new legislation in Europe looks to ban those pesky and sometimes outrageous roaming charges accrued on mobile devices. If...

AT&T nickel and dimes users with new monthly “administration fee”

Today we've learned that AT&T has added a new monthly fee for all users that will earn the company millions of dollars. It isn't...

AT&T drops device return policy from 30 days to 14

If you're planning to pick up a smartphone this fall or holiday season from the folks at AT&T you might want to make sure...

Verizon upgrade fee isn’t as bad as it sounds

There is a lot of chatter and angry readers this afternoon regarding the news that Verizon will start charging a $30 upgrade fee for...

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