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Samsung Fascinate rooted on Day 1

Surprise! Just like expected, the Samsung Fascinate was rooted very early, it only took less than one day. Now it is only a matter of...

Bing not taking over all phones on Verizon

It turns out that Bing, the popular search engine from Microsoft, will not be the only search engine on all future Android phones. Verizon...

Samsung Fascinate Arriving In Stores For Thursday Launch

So who is waiting for a Fascinate on September 9th? It is looking like your wait will not be much longer, Thursday you will...

Verizon Fascinate September 9th $199

So just as expected it looks like the Fascinate will be available on the 9th of September. With the leaked screenshot it looks like...

Samsung Fascinate For Verizon Available For Pre-Order At Best Buy

Well the time has finally come, if you have been waiting for the Fascinate, Samsung's Galaxy S phone for Verizon, you can head...

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