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Sidekick 4G gets retired while T-Mobile hints at another in the future

Remember the T-Mobile Sidekick and all those cool people that had one? Well T-Mobile released another one last year called the Sidekick 4G that...

HTC EVO 4G and Kyocera Echo hitting end of life

Well folks, we knew this day was coming eventually for the highly highly popular HTC EVO 4G, and I'm sure plenty expected it for...

HTC Status Facebook Phone getting discontinued already?

It appears AT&T is ready to de-friend the HTC Status. Are AT&T and HTC looking to discontinue the HTC Status (aka Facebook phone) already?...

Motorola Droid 3 and other devices out of stock at Verizon

Some new details are coming forward stating that many of the devices offered over at Big Red (aka Verizon) are out of stock, back-ordered...

T-Mobile G2 hitting End of Life Already?

Smartphones have feelings too and when the term EOL gets placed next to their name they get sad. End of Life is what we...

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