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T-Mobile CEO writes open letter to consumers, explains Binge-on

The issue surrounding Binge On isn't over and it seems that T-Mobile CEO John Legere won't stop just yet. After several talks and complaints...

T-Mobile is throttling, NOT mobile optimizing, EFF reports

While T-Mobile's Binge-On service seems like an attractive offer because of the free video streaming, this Un-Carrier move has raised a number of concerns and...

EFF chides Google for removing App Ops access in Android 4.4.2

It seems that the seemingly innocuous Android 4.4.2 update is putting Google under a bit of heat. The Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFF, one...

Rooting exemption to the DMCA set to expire, EFF fights for permanent solution

Did you know that your right to root your Android phone is actually protected by U.S. copyright law? It's true. In a 2010 revision...

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