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Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 commences, S Pen apps wanted

Following the unveiling of its latest Galaxy Note III S phablet, Samsung has just launched the search for the next big app. This time,...

Adobe Offering 200,000 in Cash Prizes to Developers Using AIR

When Adobe AIr started showing up on Android everyone was excited to see what it would bring as far as rich applications and games....

Apps for the Army Wraps Up, Android Comes Out on Top

The Army has hosted a huge developer challenge, called Apps for the Army (A4A), which was meant to see developers create applications specifically tailored...

Vacuum : The Global Competition (Cash Prize)

There are a few Android games that offer a worldwide leader board but none of them allows you to compete with other Android users...

Car Locator Android App Makes $13,000 a Month

Developer Edward Kim is undoubtedly pleased with his $13,000/month from the Car Locator app in the Android Market. He states that he made this...

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