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AppBucket site owners plead guilty to pirating Android apps

Two Florida residents have just pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracty to commit copyright infringement, in this case copyrighted Android apps. This conviction...

DOJ Antitrust Chief says competition has ‘flourished’ due to T-Mobile’s efforts

In the ongoing commentary that is the proposed Sprint/T-Mobile merger, the threat of it dying at the feet of the Department of Justice looms....

FBI seizes three Android App piracy websites

Whoa, this news came out of nowhere. This morning the Department of Justice and the FBI have confirmed that they have seized three Android...

Google Motorola deal also gets approval from US Department of Justice

We knew this news was coming today, and I'm sure most of you did also. Shortly after hearing the EU approved the Google Motorola...

FCC calls for hearing on AT&T’s T-Mobile purchase

The road is only getting rockier for AT&T's proposed purchase of T-Mobile. In addition to a Justice Department lawsuit attempting to block the merger...

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