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Virus Shield buyers getting refund and promotional credit from Google

As we recently learned, not all virus scanning apps are created equal. In this case we're talking about the Virus Shield app, which wasn't...

Verizon Outs Android-Compatible Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Reader

You know how when you go to those future stores where clerks have credit card scanners on their phones, you don't have to go...

Equifax offers new mobile app for Android users to monitor credit

One of the things that experts say we all need to be doing to be sure that someone isn’t stealing our identity and buying...

Sprint Giving New Epic Buyers $50 Media Hub Credit

If you have been looking for even more reasons to finally pick up the ultra fast and powerful Sprint Epic 4G, now is your...

Logitech issues $25 Credit for those pre-orders who had to wait for the Revue

If you ordered your Logitech Revue and did not receive it when you were expecting it, it may be a good idea to check...

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