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Samsung leads Top 1000 Brands in Asia named by Campaign Asia, Nielsen

Samsung is still King. That is, if we're talking about the Top 1000 Brands in Asia. The rankings are according to the results of...

The US officially legislates Unlocking Consumer Act law

This, at its most basic, should be seen as a veritable win for the American people who first called out for the need of...

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5s and 5c put against Verizon DROID lineup

There are plenty of available options in terms of device research these days. But that being said, Consumer Reports is one of the more...

Verizon praised by Consumer Reports; AT&T only given credit for LTE

Verizon's cell phone service has come out on top in terms of US carriers, according to Consumer Reports. AT&T, on the other hand, was...

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