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college students with smartwatches

Smartwatch being banned in some universities ahead of Apple Watch release

We've been saying this could be the year of smartwatches what with the numerous models from different manufacturers being introduced left and right since...

Pebble ready to gift 4,000 students with smartwatches in Education Program

The say that the next generation is the future and Pebble wants to be a big part of that future. It is preparing 4,000...

India’s Aakash tablet soon to be free for students

The Aakash $60 dollar education tablet that has taken India by storm is about to get even better. The student and education-based government subsidized...

NEC LT-W Dual-Screen Android Tablet [Hands-On Demo]

In Barcelona at World Mobile Congress 2011, the Android was strong, man. So many people are interested in Android, in all its forms, that...

University of Missouri to offer goMizzou app on Android

It's cool that colleges are embracing apps to help students interact more with the school and get information faster. The University of Missouri has...

Google Voice Invites For Students

Here’s another good reason to stay in school. Google is giving away Google Voice Invites for everyone with an .edu address. So all you...

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