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New Broadcom SoC offers wireless charging, battery sipping technology

Wireless charging is coming in quick. Even with disparate charging standards shaping the landscape, the push continues in that direction. We want more gadgets,...

Broadcom hits the road with a new Automotive Bluetooth Software Stack

Broadcom has embarked on a journey that will hopefully bring wider support for Android devices among in-vehicle systems. Its new Automotive Bluetooth software stack...

Samsung, Huawei, others form MobileBench benchmarking consortium

Benchmarks are the bread and butter not just of device reviews, but more importantly of fine-tuning and analyzing hardware performance to deliver the best...

New Broadcom LTE chip is compact and energy efficient

Broadcom has just revealedd that it's sampling a new chip that will be LTE capable. The new chip, codenamed BCM21892, will be more compact...

Myriad partners with Broadcom for Alien Vue Android apps on TVs

We first heard about Alien Vue, the latest project from Myriad, a few weeks ago. Unlike the alien Dalvik software which allows rudimentary virtualized...

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