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Verizon offers Sandy victims relief by waiving phone bill – or part of it

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has been severe, for some more so than others, but either way it's a sad situation. It's nice to...

Google Play Store carrier billing coming soon to Verizon

Over the past few weeks we've been hearing and seeing a few reports that Verizon would soon be getting their own option for carrier...

Google details carrier billing for Music, Movies, Books and more on Play Store

Carrier billing on the Android Market, now known as the Google Play Store isn't anything new. I've been able to bill app purchases directly...

FCC taking a look a Verizon’s $2 “convenience fee”

The FCC, who has been busy dealing with plenty of cellphone carriers business as of late is now apparently looking into another pressing matter....

Verizon may charge a $2.00 convenience fee to pay your bill

Big corporations try their best to make it easy on themselves to operate while still offering services at affordable prices to consumers - except...

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