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Google+ saves you bandwidth with RAISR technology

Not a lot of people use Google+, but there are people who have made a home there – tech entrepreneurs, developers, and even photographers...

Verizon responds to FCC concerns regarding LTE data throttling

The FCC accosted Verizon recently amid the news that it was planning to slow down data speeds of those on unlimited LTE data plans...

Is AT&T capping upload speeds on 4G phones?

There's a movement of angry Atrix fans who think that AT&T is capping upload speeds dramatically on the Atrix 4G. Comparing the new...

Get your iTunes music on your phone with MP3tunes

Keeping all your iTunes music is a deciding factor for most potential Android users. iTunes has been around for years and many people use...

Google Denied Trademark on Android Nexus One

Reports are coming in today that the Patent and Trademark Office has rejected Google's request to trademark the name "Nexus One". The "Nexus One"...

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