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Channels by Audible is a new short-form digital audio service

For those times when you’re stuck in between not finishing an audio book and not being satisfied by podcasts, you would need something to...

Audiobooks from Audible updated with Android Auto support

Amazon wants more people to access Audible. That's generous of the e-commerce site as the Audiobooks from Audible app has just been updated with...

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited for ebook subscriptions

Amazon is calling its new read-all-you-can (or listen-all-you-can) “Kindle Unlimited”, and it boasts of 600,000 titles that readers can choose from, as well as...

Kindle for Android update improves Audible integration

Amazon has announced the latest improvement for the Kindle app -- and this time around the update deals with Whispersync and Audible. Basically, this...

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