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Shadowgun update hits Android Market with Tegra 3 support

If you are one of the lucky few that was able to snag a pre-order for the hotly anticipated ASUS Transformer Prime and that...

ASUS Transformer Prime hitting Australian shelves in January

The ASUS Transformer Prime is said to be hitting the US before Christmas (December 19th?), but for Australian retailers - expect to see the...

ASUS Transformer Prime pre-orders available from EXPANSYS

ASUS and their hotly anticipated quad-core tablet the Transformer Prime has been causing a bit of a stir lately. Selling out everywhere before it's...

Android Community Weekly: December 4, 2011

This week in tech news we've had our share of reviews, unboxings, and even some much needed software updates. We had heard Monday the...

ASUS Transformer Prime may be at your local GameStop this weekend

Of all places, I bet you wouldn't expect to see the highly anticipated ASUS Transformer Prime debuting in your local GameStop this weekend. However,...

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