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ASUS FonePad hits the UK April 26, pre-order Friday for £179.99

The awesome looking ASUS FonePad 7-inch tablet was revealed back at Mobile World Congress in Spain, and ever since then we've been wondering when...

Galaxy Note 8 and ASUS FonePad reportedly both coming in April

For those of you that absolutely love the idea of a phablet, we have some potentially good news today. While we try not to...

ASUS rumored to preview new Nexus 7 in May, new phone in June

Rumor has it that ASUS is planning on showing off a couple of new devices in the coming months. After launching the ASUS FonePad...

Blurring the lines: When a smartphone gets too big!

How big is too big when it comes to a smartphone? That is the question here in 2013. With devices like the 5.5-inch Samsung...

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