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Huawei Announces the Ascend P1 S, world’s thinnest phone, runs ICS

Huawei has just announced their new Android smartphone to battle the likes of the DROID RAZR or the new Fujitsu Arrows ES smartphone. They...

Huawei Ascend II available now from US Cellular for Free

Earlier this week we mentioned the Huawei Ascend II was headed to US Cellular and that it was being listed up on their site...

Huawei Ascend II headed to US Cellular this week for those on a budget

Huawei might still not be a household name but they have decent hardware and are getting better with each release. The hugely popular original...

Huawei Ascend II Heads to Cricket for only $129 and with Gingerbread

Over on Cricket Wireless they have the Huawei Ascend, but today they have announced the Ascend II. The fun part is this phone features...

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