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SPB Tablet UI Engine customizes Android slates [Video Demo]

Google is doing its best to dissuade Android OEMs from modifying the Honeycomb UI on tablets, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the 3.0...

MIUI Developers For Android about to Drop Gingerbread ROM

MIUI is a very sleek, smooth, and clean user interface and ROM for Android. You have probably heard of them, or seen video's of...

Google to Focus on UI for Gingerbread

No, that title isn't a code for something else. Though, it could be. (We'll let your imagination race.) According to some sources speaking with...

Droid Does Sense

Not to be out done by its younger brother, the Nexus One, the Droid now does Sense. HTC's custom Android UI dubbed Sense is...

Intuitive UI for Android learns & predicts use

The Android homescreen has greatly improved - with a little help from developers and handset manufacturers - over the various iterations of the smartphone...

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