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HTC Magic gets Sense UI update

HTC have pushed out a ROM update for the HTC Magic, and as promised it delivers their Sense UI to the Android smartphone.  The...

Cyanogen Nexus One ROM gets extra RAM access

Arch-modder cyanogen has updated his latest Nexus One beta ROM to include a new chunk of code that should free up more memory in...

Nexus One multitouch browser ROM hack released

The absence of multitouch on the Google Nexus One has proved a frustrating limitation for many owners - and an arbitrary one, too, since...

Leaked Android 2.1 ROM Comes with a List of Many HTC Android Device Codenames

Apparently HTC has a lot of Android-based smartphones coming out in the near future. The recently leaked Android 2.1 ROM that we saw running...

Google sends cease and desist to programmer over CyanogenMod

Google is typically pretty open about its open source Android operating system for smartphones. A programmer behind the CyanogenMod ROM of Android has received...

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