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SuperShuttle app hits Android to get you a ride to the airport

One of the things that I hate most about traveling is finding a way to the airport and back. I don't like parking my...

Darth Vader is Android spokesman in Japan…umm..k

Star Wars has already tied up with Android in the past with R2-D2 on one of the Droid smartphones. That was a cool mash...

600K Galaxy Tabs sold so far

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung is off to a good start as far as sales go. According to Samsung, so far it has moved...

4.8 Inch Clamshell Android MID Prototype by Dion

Here's a rather fat hybrid machine for you to place your eyeballs on. This machine is being worked on by Chinese brand Dion and...

SeenEarly for Android keeps track of your phone activity

If you want to be able to archive your activity on your phone for some reason or keep a close eye on a child...

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