Tag: Amazon TV

Amazon Fire TV sells like wildfire, currently sold out

Were you waiting to pick up a Fire TV from Amazon? You waited too long! The device is currently listed as out of stock...

Amazon TV device could be Chromecast-like, stream PC games

A new report suggest Amazon will offer streaming PC titles with their incoming TV device. Further adding intrigue is that it’s said to be...

Amazon reportedly launching a set-top box in March for streaming media

Will they, or won’t they? Rumors are heating up once again that Amazon is working on a set-top box for streaming digital media. Much...

Amazon streaming box could be delayed into 2014

If you were holding out for the Amazon set-top box for your living room, the wait may have just extended. According to a new...

Amazon patents “Firetube” moniker; TV service, or maybe internet

Amazon has recently filed a trademark application for the name “Firetube”, which is as curious as it may be ominous. With no other bits...

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