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Amazon Android App Store May Launch this month

After the leak of it’s App Store Distribution Agreement, we all could pretty much confirm the release of an Amazon App Store. However, official...

Amazon waives $99 fee for developers first year

This week we posted the email that sent out to potential developers that contained the developer terms and conditions as well as their pricing...

More details surface on Amazon’s Android App Store via Distribution Agreement leak

While Amazon still has not made an official word of their plans stepping into the Application Market, an App Store Distribution Agreement has been...

Developer agreement for Amazon’s Android app store leaks

Amazon's rumored Android App Store has had a shot in the arm this morning, with the suppose developer T&Cs leaking to SlashGear.  Although the...

Amazon Also Planning on releasing a tablet

Yesterday we covered Amazon’s apparent plans to venture into the App Store market, it was also said that they may be releasing a tablet...

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