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Acer launching first Core i3-powered Chromebook C720

To date most Chromebooks have been powered by the smaller mobile processors – including Intel’s Atom and Celeron processors, and Samsung’s Exynos. With the...

Acer writes off millions in raw material while they try to right the ship

Acer’s move to tablets has been quite successful. They have a slew of lower cost devices that many find attractive, if for nothing more...

Acer’s C720P touchscreen Chromebook is now available in ‘Moonstone White’

Acer has quickly become a name synonymous with Chromebooks. Their sleek styling and incredible price points only serve to compliment the simplicity of Chrome...

Acer C720P touchscreen Chromebook now official

Confirming an earlier rumor, Acer has officially unveiled the C720P Chromebook -- with touchscreen display. As the C720 in the name suggests, this latest...

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