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Samsung’s SCH-I520 Packs 4G and Front-Facing Camera, heading to Verizon

There sure has been a lot of 4G devices leaked over the past few days as we near CES 2011. The Samsung SCH-I520 will...

Droid X Update Available Now 2.2.1 (Blur 2.3.340)

Verizon began pushing out the 2.2.1 (Blur 2.3.340) update to all users earlier today, and although it's not the update we all would love...

2.2.1 Update coming to the Original DROID soon?

In a recent email sent out to Motorola Feedback Network members, Motorola states that it's currently looking for users to test an upcoming software...

Nexus One gets Froyo 2.2.1 Update, Available to install now manually

Joining nearly every other Android device with an update this week is Google’s own flagship device, the Nexus One. No word yet on exactly...

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