You remember the Sidekicks that were offered by T-Mobile, right? It’s been awhile since anyone’s heard anything about Sidekick, considering it’s been discontinued. Well, apparently not all good things stay dead, because rumors have it that the Sidekick line of devices may be reborn — with Android under the hood.

Obviously, this would mark a stark departure from the original OS that the Sidekick featured. And considering T-Mobile owns the name Sidekick, they could very well release a new line-up of devices with the old moniker, but with the insides all switched around. There’s plenty of folks out there that would love to see the Sidekick and Android come together, but then again, many consider the myTouch Slide 3G pretty much that exact thing. What do you think? Should T-Mobile bring back Sidekick, even if it is featuring our favorite OS?

[via AndroidGuys]