Gravity in the house! We’ve got our hands on Samsung’s newest midrange effort in the Gravity Smart, a device sent out to T-Mobile to replace the Sidekick – no that wouldn’t make sense. But it is a push-out keyboard having message machine, of that you can be sure. It’s got rounded corners on all sides, the Samsung lip at the bottom, silky smooth plastic Sapphire plastic on the back, and a ton of apps that, if it weren’t this particular set of apps, would be sending you strait to the root factory.

Instead what you’re going to find is a selection of applications that you’ll not only want to use, you WILL be using, including AIM (if anyone still uses that,) Swype for your keyboard, Tetris for your block dropping, UNO, Glypse so everyone knows where you are, DriveSmart, Cloud Texting, Group Texting, Photobucket, and the usual selection of Google classics. Fourty-six apps in all, and only a tiny handful we’d uninstall if we could.

That said, the build quality on this device seems to be super-high, though the back cover of the device’s silky smoothness may lead some to believe that they are, in fact, holding a mid-range device, instead of being fooled into believing that the rest of the device is pointing directly upward. This device has a small screen at 3.2-inches, has a cool Android 2.2 Froyo under the hood, and is running a single core 600 MHz processor.

[vms 53058db75714ac400b58]

While we don’t expect to be playing any Gameloft games any time soon here, we are excited to see how well messaging plays out, and everyone knows that Bejeweled is the most popular game of all time for a reason, right? Stick with us here on Android Community for a full review SOON!