We have already seen some info on the coming T-Mobile G-Slate Android tablet. Last week the application for the tablet hit the FCC seeking to clear the way for the table to hit the market. The app did confuse a bit through considering that the new filing had a different model number than the one we had seen previously.

We figured last week that with the FCC filing showing the frequency the G-Slate would operate on that T-Mo was the target. We were right on that and T-Mobile has put up a product page for the G-Slate now. The product page shows few details and you can only see the back of the tablet on the page.

What the page does show is that the tablet will use Honeycomb, will operate on the 4G network, and it will feature the “latest Google mobile innovations.” No hard specs are offered, but hopefully we will get more details in the coming days and weeks.

Via UberGizmo