As all good stores should every once in a while at least, T-Mobile has promised a complete overhaul of their retail locations here in the USA. What you’re about to see is a tour through their new look, an intelligently re-arranged setting that’ll have you visiting simply to get a glimpse at it. Bright pink lights in the background, lovely stark white tables in the foreground. Look like a place you’d like to shop?

There’ll be individual service pods for customers actually purchasing new plans and devices, devices will be separated in a way that’ll make it easy for customers to find what they want along with the accessories they might need without running from one end of the store to the other, and the whole thing simply looks more modern now with less metal and a whole lot more flat white surfaces. Not to mention, again, the glow. All your phones will be engulfed in the glowing pink love.

It’s T-Mobile’s Senior Director of Store Development Debra Coates that’ll be bringing you on this journey through the sweet new haze. Without a doubt we’re looking forward to this format hitting stores across the nation – right at this moment there’s only a few select locations that have the physical update, with more on the way as the weeks pass by. Check out the full spread of T-Mobile devices by hitting our big [T-Mobile Portal] – gotta catch em all!