You might remember those rumors about T-Mobile’s “Project Black” or “Project Dark”, from early this month. Now those rumors are, the next big news from T-Mo, according to many followers of the magenta cellphone carrier. Project Dark plans have been confirmed.

These new contract and non-contract packages, which are curiously named; T-Mobile Even More and Even More Plus plans, will start at $59 and $49 respectively. So, on the contract plan expect the traditional device subsidy with a two-year agreement. In the non-contract plans you won’t have to deal with the two-year agreement, but you’ll end up paying full price for your device, therefore the cheaper price of the monthly plan.

And for those who want to save money by having a family plan, have no fear, each new plan comes with a family variant as well. T-Mo is also introducing a new “Equipment Installment Plan” for qualified customers. The way this works is simple; you can pay for your phone over time with interest-free payments. Your first payment will be due at the time you purchase your phone, and the remaining payments will be charged to your monthly bill.

The Even More option is for $19.99 minimum qualifying equipment purchase, and 4 interest-free monthly installments, this option is available to current customers. On the Even More Plus option you pay for your phone in 20 interest-free installments and the minimum qualifying equipment purchase starts also at $19.99.

According to T-Mobile the Even More unlimited plan is half the price of comparable AT&T and Verizon plans, and if you think about it, is similar to what Sprint is offering. Now lets hope T-Mo starts to offer a bigger coverage area for its subscribers. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.



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