We’ve been invited to an event that’ll be the place where T-Mobile officially ties themselves to two of what are sure to be blockbuster devices: the LG G-Slate and the G2x. We’ve had short looks at both of these devices in the past and let me tell you: they’re in for some big fat sales. This is an invite-only event and we’ll definitely be there for you to be gawking with us!

This event, oddly enough, will be accompanied by the musical groups Dev and the Cataracs as well as DJ Chachi. These and the invite itself point toward a totally relaxing event – relaxing for YOU, not for us, we’ll be charging through the updates like there’s no tomorrow! All for the betterment of the community, of course.

Behold the expansion of the G-Series and the ever-expanding excellent of LG, where Life is Good. Take a look at all of our coverage of the G-Slate first, then head back to our looks at the G2X as well. Portals galore for two devices that’ll be pumped full of dual-core magic. NVIDIA Tegra 2 to the rescue!