Since its release, T-Mobile has been building the myTouch brand to be the flagship of their company. The Sidekick was their signature device until more sophisticated handsets hit the market. T-Mobile has big plans the myTouch Slide and has dubbed June 19th to be a big day for the device.

I’m excited to find out what exactly could this be. The phone will release before the 19th so what does T-Mobile have up their sleeves? This event is so big that stores will be opening early on that day. We all know that this device will ship with a custom version of Sense call Expresso which is Android 2.1. There has been a rumor that this device will be updated to 2.2 as soon a week after it is launched. Maybe this will play a role on this date as well. And if it does that just gives more validity to 2.2 hitting the Desire in late June since they are both built of Sense. Only time will tell, I hope it turn out to be something good.

[via tmonews]