We have some somewhat bad news to share with our T-Mobile users this afternoon. Apparently the Galaxy S III is a hugely popular device (duh!) and they are selling more than they expected over at T-Mobile, and as a result have adjusted the release date into two phases. Only select popular markets will see the Galaxy S III available in-stores on June 21st, and the rest will have to wait until next week on the 27th.

Instead of going in and picking up that phone you pre-ordered, or have been dying to get your hands on this Thursday, most of you will be waiting until next week. It isn’t a huge deal but Verizon only delayed theirs a day, not an entire week. According to TmoNews T-Mobile will only be offering the Galaxy S III in their 29 most popular markets on the 21st, then will release it nationwide for complete availability on the 27th. Here’s a list of the 29 markets that made the cut:

LosAngeles,CA – Chicago,IL – Phoenix,AZ – Houston,TX – SanDiego,CA – NewYork,NY – Seattle,WA – Miami/Ft.Lauderdale,FL – Dallas/Ft.Worth,TX – SanFrancisco,CA – SaltLakeCity,UT – Denver,CO – Minneapolis,MN – Tampa/St.Petersburg,FL – Philadelphia,PA – SanAntonio,TX – Portland,OR – Austin,TX – Atlanta,GA – KansasCity,MO – Boston,MA – Sacramento,CA – Orlando,FL – Detroit,MI – WashingtonDC – Cleveland,OH – Jacksonville,FL – Charlotte,NC – McAllen,TX

We do have some good news though, and that is that T-Mobile.com will also be accepting orders although will only be a very limited number. This means if your city isn’t listed above, you won’t be able to buy a T-Mobile Galaxy S II until the 27th unless you snag one online. The SGSIII on T-Mobile will be $229 for those on value plans, and as usual a new 2-year contract will be required. Stay tuned as we look for additional details. Are you upset to hear the news? Or will you just try and buy it online instead?

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