T-Mobile has concluded their latest event, which was the one that promised to bring the “boldest moves yet.” Deciding that will have to be left up to each individual, but what we can say is how T-Mobile brought some exciting new additions today. The event included a few items, two of which ended some long standing rumors. Those two were the JUMP upgrade program and the announcement of the Sony Xperia Z. In addition we also saw the Simple Choice plan announced for families and saw a bit of talk about the current state of the T-Mobile 4G LTE network.

JUMP device upgrade program

The JUMP upgrade program will give users two device upgrades per year, but also includes device protection against malfunction, damage, loss or theft. The JUMP program comes at just $10 per month and customers will need to wait 6-months before coming eligible for their first device upgrade. Perhaps most important for those looking to get started — the JUMP program will be available beginning on July 14th.

Simple Choice for families

T-Mobile introduced the UNcarrier approach back in March and at the time they unveiled Simple Choice plans for individual users. These plans come with no credit check and no annual contract and offer unlimited talk, text and data for one price. The event today introduced a similar offer for family users. The Simple Choice family plan is $100 per month and will be good for up to four lines. Similar to the JUMP program, the Simple Choice family plan will be available on July 14th.

T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z

Next up from today was the release date and pricing details for the Sony Xperia Z. To sum this up, T-Mobile will have the Xperia Z available beginning on July 17th. The handset will be $99.99 with an additional 24 monthly payments of $20. Aside from the when and how much, we should also point out that we have recently spent some time with the T-Mobile Xperia Z and as a result — we have been able to publish our device review.

T-Mobile 4G LTE

Last but certainly not least, the 4G LTE news. T-Mobile has said the 4G LTE network now covers 157 million people across 116 markets. This, as was pointed out by the carrier — is “far exceeding the company’s stated midyear goal of reaching 100 million people.” Aside from the current state of the network, T-Mobile is still looking to have coverage available for 200 million users in more than 200 markets by the end of the year.