As expected following Friday’s news, T-Mobile USA have confirmed that the white G1 is now available in the US.  Up until now only on sale in the UK, the white handset brings the line-up in the US to the full three devices: black, white and bronze.

Although shots of the white G1 were seen in promotional material up until the handset’s launch, the device itself was conspicuous by its absence when US sales actually began.  There had been speculation that problems with flaking white paint had forced HTC to re-examine the production process, but this has not been confirmed and neither the carrier nor the manufacturer have publicly commented on the issue.

As with the other G1 color variants, the white handset is priced at $179.99 with a new two-year contract.  T-Mobile did not suggest what stock levels could be expected, so if you’ve been holding out for a white G1 our advice would be to call your local store before making the trip.

[via SlashGear]