We’re always excited about updates on apps for reddit including the Sync for reddit. There may be similar apps but this Sync has just received perhaps the biggest update yet. Expect to see a number of new features including new Material Design animations and transitions, automatic comment caching, automative subreddit theming, full height images, inline link previews, and a quick toggle night mode among others. Since the Android M Developer Preview is already out, the devs have also added permissions for the platform.

The updated Sync for reddit also adds background preloading on Chrome custom tabs. Such will allow ultra fast browsing–significantly faster than before. Since images are important in reddit posts, there is a totally new image viewer that will allow GIF zooming, full height display, and GIF playback controls. You don’t have to go out of a page or use another app just to view an image attached or linked.

Other features include new Subreddit headers and Wiki support to make the whole Reddit experience more efficient and delightful. This full-featured app makes browsing for Reddit easier on mobile. Feel free to view the messages, comments, profiles, and login securely with Sync for reddit v11.

Note that Sync for reddit is not an official app. It’s only a third-party app but there’s also an Official Reddit app for Android that was released for public only last month.

Download Sync for reddit from the Google Play Store