It has been a long time coming, but Nuance has finally released Swype on Google Play, doing so with a special low price and a free trial option. This is in addition to the app being updated with a couple new keyboards and a few new features and improvements. For a limited time, users can grab Swype for $0.99, with the price later on increasing to a yet-unspecified rate.

Nuance doesn’t say how long the price will sit at $0.99, nor what the price will be when the special rate comes to its end. For those who have never used the keyboard before, a free 30-day trial is also available, giving users a solid month to try it out before it stops working and must be purchased or removed. As we mentioned, in addition to the launch on the Play Store, Swype has also been updated.

Those who nab the latest version will find two new keyboard designs: Holo and Artic. This brings the total number of designs available to 13. Living Language Dialect support has also been updated, receiving an expansion with support for 20 dialects. Nuance uses Australia as an example, saying that Australian users will find local words automatically added for certain things, such as brekky in the place of breakfast.

Specific to those who use Dragon Mobile Assistant, a new shortcut has been implemented that makes it easy to pull up the personal assistant – dragging one’s finger from the Swype key to the Dragon flame. Says Swype’s Executive VP: “Based on the incredible success of our beta program and our vocal customers, we decided to extend the power of Swype to more Android users through Google Play. Android users deserve the best keyboard – settling for an alternative is no longer necessary.”

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