If you are looking for a better onscreen keyboard for your Android device, a new app has landed in the Android Market that you might want to check out. The app is a public beta, so don’t expect it to run perfectly. It is called SwiftKey X and builds on the TouchType SwiftKey keyboard to offer cloud personalization and it has a new prediction engine. The app also has a bunch of UI improvements according to the developer.

The SwiftKey typing experience can be customized to the user by integrating data from Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail as the SMS messages are sent. The typing style is fine tuned to match the way you use your phone for more efficiency. The prediction engine is also able to adapt the touch sensitive areas of the keys to allow predictions based on the way the user types.

There is a host of other features in the new beta app. The settings menu is redesigned from other versions of the app, it has a next gen fluency interface engine, the response times are improved, and the battery usage is reduced. The app also has improved typo and spelling correction. Any word can also be removed from prediction, not just words populated dynamically. Check out the Android Market page for all of the details.