It’s been a year since Frozen-mania snowstormed its way into the theaters and children’s (and adults!) hearts. But it’s still not over, especially if your kids still break out into song (okay, admit it, you too) when they hear the opening notes of “Let It Go” or beg you for Olaf plushies this Christmas. SwiftKey says it’s better late than never as they release Frozen-themed virtual keyboards for you and/or your kids.

If you’re not yet familiar with SwiftKey, it’s a keyboard replacement for your smartphone or tablet that uses the “Flow” trails when typing out (or gliding out) words on your device. With the Frozen themes, it adds snow flakes that accumulate and eventually melt when you flow your messages. There are six character themes that will be in the background of your keyboard. You can choose from Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, Anna and Elsa, Anna, and the entire family. If you need us to explain who these people are to you, then maybe this theme isn’t for you.


Of course you need to install the SwiftKey for Android app before you can enjoy the Frozen themes. Then open the keyboard and long press the bottom left-hand 123 key for the settngs menu. Go to Themes and then the SwiftKey Store to find the themes that you want. It might take some time for you to get used to SwiftKey, but if you really want to have the Arendelle princesses and their friends on your keyboard, then you better learn fast.

SwiftKey for Android is free to download from the Google Play Store. The Frozen themes are available for $4.99 for the entire pack of six or just $1.99 for each character theme. You can buy them from the SwiftKey Store.

SOURCE: SwiftKey