Swatch is joining the smartwatch game soon. No, it won’t be rolling out a follow-up to the Touch Zero One smartwatch it launched two years ago. That one didn’t progress even the Tissot-branded Smart Touch┬áthat was introduced around the same time last year. The Swatch Group recently made it known to us that it it’s working on its own wearable OS. It will rival Android Wear and Apple’s iOS as an alternative for the wearable tech.

Tissot is said to launch a new smartwatch model next year already powered by the upcoming operating system. The Swiss system will still be there but it will also be known for its wearable features. A new smartwatch from either Swatch or Tissot will be very welcome. It will be interesting to have another choice apart from Android Wear, Apple iPhone, and even Samsung’s Tizen.

It’s actually a busy week for the smartwatch and wearable game. LVMH’s TAG Heuer revealed a new model, the Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch. There’s also the new Montblanc Summit that is another expensive smartwatch.

Swatch is serious in advancing the wearable technology. At this point, it will make more sense if the group starts small by using it’s new Bluetooth chip and not making grand plans that can’t be achieved.

There’s no information yet on the operating system or the possible features but we’re looking forward to more developments and actual products from Swatch.

VIA: BloombergMarkets