Samsung and Swarovski are at it again. The duo have yet again unveiled a series of crystal studded luxury accessories that will make not just your Galaxy S5 but also your sporty Gear Fit look and feel even more expensive than they already are.

This is definitely not the first time the two have worked together to bring forth crystal editions for those that can afford it, The Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy S 4 and even the Galaxy S III Mini have all received that special Swarovski touch. Now it’s the turn of Samsung’s latest lineup to get their fair share.

For the Galaxy S5, Swarovski has designed two kinds of crystal encrusted covers, coming in Vibrant Blue and Mystic Black colors and monikers. This time, however, the acclaimed crystal designer is going beyond Samsung’s smartphones. There are now also fancy accessories for the Gear Fit. These come in the form of fancy charm sliders that can be interchanged and matched as owners please. The sliding bars come in three color options of Brown Golden Shadow, and Crystal. On the other hand, there are a variety of crystal dangle designs, including Siam Heart, Light Rose Heart, Crystal Skull, Anthracite Skull, Crystal Star, Blue Star and Golden Shadow Lips. Granted, these accessories probably negate the somewhat rugged characteristic of both mobile devices, but they do try to give them a distinct and elite personality instead.

Those interested in procuring such accessories best watch for these dates. Starting May 8, the Swarovski for Samsung Crystal Collection will be available from Samsung’s online store in Korea and pre-orders in China, with the UK following shortly. Then on May 22, Samsung will be making these available in Samsung retail stores. Pricing details have unfortunately been left out.

SOURCE: Samsung