An old school RPG is what I want complete with pixelized art and graphics plus some enchanting background music. It’s all I need to break away from daily boredom and stress. This SwapQuest is a role-playing game that perhaps can make me sit down for a while, focus, and just enjoy the wonders of mobile gaming. Game is a combination of role-playing game and puzzle mechanics that requires the player to defend the Kingdom of Aventana from the Horde–a demon cloud that’s scary and destructive.

SwapQuest for Android will make you fight that evil enemy that according to urban legends, devours everything it can reach. Aventana needs a mighty hero. Could it be you? Try to find that powerful magical sword that is believed can defeat that evil cloud Horde.

You can either be Princess Wilma or Princess Wilbert and be ready to discover more secrets about your beloved kingdom, find invaluable treasures, and fight the cursed monsters. There are more than a dozen new places to explore. Each place has unique hazards and enemies you need to fight. Finish this journey of pick-up-and-play puzzle mechanics and join five classes to choose.

There are actually two game modes: Adventure and Endless. Work on to finish all 35 achievements and try to rank on the leaderboard as you enjoy the soundtrack and the vibrant pixel art.

SwapQuest game is available in four languages. English, French, German, and Spanish. App is $1.99 and offers more in-app purchases.

Download SwapQuest from the Google Play Store