There’s a new Super Mario game in geekdom? Wait, what?! No, it’s just Super Mustache. No need to explain how this will remind you of our favorite plumber but it’s definitely another 8 bit mario style game the older geeks will appreciate. Retro gaming is still high in demand, at least, among the Generation X-ers who would like to introduce their past to the Millenials.

Super Mustache is set in the year 2040 where our hero Captain Super Mustache is called to defeat the smart robot Gladius who are trying to take over Planet Uranus. The advanced AI robot knows what he is doing and started the Urantia regime. Creatures living in the planet do not like what’s happening so Captain Super Mustache has been called to end the reign of Gladius.

Super Mustache is an action platformer mobile game with a beautiful 8-bit style graphics and music. It’s one classic game you’d want to play over and over again even after finishing it because it has that same charm as Super Mario. Instead of saving a princess, Captain Super Mustache is sent to save a whole dark planet and its inhabitants.

Game features 15 handcrafted adventure levels spread throughout three worlds. You’ll meet a lot of different enemies including bugs, flying creatures, robots, and leprechauns. To be the hero, you need to clear all the levels. You’ll be teaching Gladius a lesson after you finish all challenges in this platformer adventure. And just like Mario, Super Mustachace will do a lot of run, jumping, and escaping here. Along the way, there will be several traps that you need to avoid and boss battles that you need to conquer.

Download Super Mustache from the Google Play Store


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