Whoever said that games need to be easy and uncomplicated probably doesn’t really enjoy actually playing games. Or else they’re boring people. But if you go for those that will challenge and maybe at times frustrate you, then this new game called Star Knight may be something you should consider adding to your regular games. And based on the trailer, artwork, and description, it might be worth our while to play this game.

You are Naro, a knight and citizen of the once peaceful planet Gaon that has now been overtaken by the Dark Dragon Nidhogg and his hordes of monsters. He took away the sun and so now you have to try and bring back peace to your planet, all while trying to overcome difficult challenges like dangerous environments, platforms, spikes, rotating blades, traps. You also get to gather loot along the way, which will of course serve you well later on. The game has several chapters, including Green Hill, Dark Forest, Lost Castle, Snow Desert and Red Mountain and each of them has multiple levels.

While you may fail over and over again, you can also try and try again until you conquer the level. There are coins that drop when you kill your enemies so you need to gather them. There are also hidden treasures like chests filled with gems and runes that you need to find. You can use them to collect weapons in order to grow your character. And if you want to really get a lot of stuff, you can enter the competitive arena mode and fight by yourself or compete with other players to survive the endless wave of enemies.

While the developer seems to have just one game available on the Google Play Store, it doesn’t mean that they’re newbies. The awesome artwork and the seemingly simple but obviously difficult gameplay will probably keep you up at night and maybe distract you from your work, so make sure you play it only when you’re allowed to play games. You can download Star Knight from the Google Play Store for $2.66, and no more in-app purchases.