It may not be the easiest way to get a device, but it may be one of the funnest. Like most of Sprint’s high-profile handset releases, they’re doing what they can to make sure that a few lucky folks out there in Sprintland get their very own, without doing much at all in the way of work, or, paying. This time around they’re working with Warner Brothers Entertainment, and they’re handing out 10 Samsung Epic 4Gs.

The Epic is a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, Samsung Galaxy S device. It’s one of the many variants that Samsung announced for the US market, and it’s the most diverse of the bunch. Featuring a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and the ability to connect to Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network, it’s definitely got the features to back the muscle.

Follow through the source link below and follow the on-screen instructions. You don’t have to do much here — after all, it’s a giveaway. You’re supposed to feel like you got lucky, you know? Once you sign up, and if you get lucky enough to win the grand prize, you’d win a four day, three night trip to any destination of your choice (with one guest). Oh, and you also get $1,000.00 for the troubles, too. That’s one way to make sure that you go the distance, we guess.

[via Sprint]