They may still be one of the most popular music streaming services out there, but the emergence of competitors that are bent on enticing users to their own product means that Spotify will have to step up their game even more. Apple Music’s human-curated playlists has been making headway with music lovers, but it isn’t as personal as some would like it to be. Therefore, Spotify’s new Discover Weekly feature may be the thing that some are looking for.

Discover Weekly actually looks at the music that you’ve been listening to since you started using Spotify. Based on that, it will come up with a playlist based on related music as well as what other people that have similar tastes to you are listening to. It will appear at the top of the Playlist folder, and they say that it is unique for every user. It’s like having your very own mixtape created by a friend (or a digital acquaintance in this case, unless you consider Spotify your friend) who knows what you like but would like to let you discover new songs and artists as well.

Spotify is using a “secret sauce” made up of algorithm and human intervention. However, this means that it is heavily customized and so it might take a bit of time to get to you. Also, the feature will be changing every week and the new playlist will replace the previous one. So if you want to keep the entire mixtape or at least some of them, better save it to another playlist.

Don’t worry if you don’t see it yet on your Spotify, whether on desktop or the app itself. As we mentioned, it might take some time to roll out since there is a human element to it as well. But if you do have it already, let us know what you think and if it is indeed better than that other curated playlist service.

VIA: SlashGear