Spotify may be your top choice of music streaming service provider today but the company is in some sort of trouble. A great number of Spotify accounts were reportedly published on a website. Listed on Pastebin were usernames, passwords, emails, account types, and other important information that are supposed to be secure. This looks like a serious security breach that we feel sorry for the Spotify account users—yes, that means you and me.

This breach in security happened a few days ago but no official announcement or apology has been released yet by Spotify. Only the “supposed victims” were asked by TechCrunch via email and they said they were hacked. On the other hand, Spotify is firm that its records are secure and they have not been hacked.

Again, this supposed hack is not concentrated in the US but also includes other users from other regions. It’s really not clear how many accounts were accessed by the email and password but other important details like the type of account, country, and date of subscription auto-renewal are said to have been posted as well.

This data breach is nothing new as Spotify experienced and dealt with something similar before. We’re just curious to know why Spotify is denying this claim but then again, the company could really be telling the truth. Perhaps the old database is still the one being shared and circulated.

Spotify is saying there’s no breach but the users are saying there indeed was a compromise. Others have even reported account information were used because upon checking the playlist, there are songs listed that that they don’t really listen to. But then again, there could also be some error on Spotify’s servers or programming. Some people reported their information have changed and they’re suddenly logged out while streaming.

Spotify sent out this statement to TC:

“Spotify has not been hacked and our user records are secure. We monitor Pastebin and other sites regularly. When we find Spotify credentials, we first verify that they are authentic, and if they are, we immediately notify affected users to change their passwords.”

Maybe, just maybe, Spotify has not fully verified the problem and are still checking on it. Let’s see if there will be some changes or explanation in the coming days.

VIA: TechCrunch