The brand new Google Home is just the latest in the tech giant’s attempt to take over our lives. The smart home device is decorative and pretty useful around the house, especially in obeying our digital-related commands. Now if you’re a heavy Spotify user, you’ll be pleased to know that it is as easy as telling your Google Assistant (goodbye Google Now) to play whatever song or album or playlist that you want without having to touch any device.

Those who are Spotify Premium subscribers and who live in the US and who are planing (or already have) the Google Home device will be able to say something as simple as “Ok Google, Play Spotify” and their music will suddenly fill up with their favorite tunes. You can also be as specific as asking to play your Discover Weekly selection or a specific album and playlist from among the tons that you can choose from with the music app.

You will also be able to control the music directly from the Spotify app, if you prefer to do it “old school”. If you have Chromecast Audio or any of the Cast-enabled speakers, then you will also be able to enjoy the multi-room listening function from Spotify and Google Home.

But you’d have to wait a little longer since Google Home will be available for purchase by November 4. A lot of Google fans will probably be scrambling to get one, nevermind that Amazon’s Echo was one of the first in the market. Let the battle of the smart home devices begin!

SOURCE: Spotify