Spotify has made it easy for us who are too lazy to create playlists to still listen to great music that we like and appreciate. But sometimes you just want to hear your favorite songs or the songs you play a lot, but you don’t have time to make that list. Once again, Spotify will make it easy for us with their Daily Mix, a playlist curated based on what the music streaming app thinks you’ll like. But let’s hope they’re right.

Unlike some playlists, including Discover, where you have a set number of tunes at around 30-50, 100 at most, the Daily Mix can supposedly last you for two weeks with its almost endless playlist. It is actually a series of playlists which is made up of songs that Spotify thinks you love as well as new tunes that they think you might like based on the playlists you’ve been consuming. Depending on your mood at the moment, you can choose whether to listen to upbeat music or soothing tunes.

Spotify will also include songs in the playlists that you haven’t heard of yet, but based on what you’ve been listening to, you might actually enjoy it. And if you trust how Spotify recommends songs to you, then you’ll be content with this. It may even bring up artists and songs that you haven’t listened to in a while. And of course, the more you listen to the music on demand streaming app, the better the Daily Mixes will become.

For now, the Daily Mix playlists will be available for existing Android mobile users who already have Spotify. New users will have access to their own Daily Mix after they’ve used the service for two weeks. You will be able to see them in the Your Library section. It will be available in other platforms soon.

SOURCE: Spotify