The main point of playing a game is to finish it. To achieve victory is the ultimate goal of gamers. But with Spoiler Alert, it’s very different. This is the first game you’ll ever uncomplete. “Finishing” it means to play the game in reverse. All the main character, Chili Pepper Knight, needs to do is go back and meet Mr. Death Bunny, Big Bad Squid, and Lucky Jack the Invader to unfinish the game. Really, there is no pressure because the game had already been beaten. (Huh?!?)

Okay, don’t be confused. The game is simply played in reverse. There is no big bad boss or villain to defeat. No coins to collect and no princess to be rescued because everything had been done for you. You need to go from the last level to the first. The challenge here now is to avoid numerous time paradoxes. Unlike most games, you don’t have to beat enemies but rather you need to revive them.

Play the game backwards. That’s what Danish game developer MegaFuzz wants you to do. This particular game has been successful on iOS but it’s only now that Android gamers are getting the unusual game. The reverse gameplay is a challenge on its own so this can be a new favorite and addicting game.

The one-button gameplay makes it simple and easy but can be difficult to master. Graphics are handdrawn so there is a bit of a retro, classic feel. Chili Pepper Knight’s journey takes you to four unique and diverse worlds that he will be visiting in reverse. Game is available for only $0.99.

Download Spoiler Alert from the Google Play Store